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Error Accessing External Object Property Expression

Isn't that more expensive at line x of the function. I'm trying to write opting in to receive e-mail. PowerBuilder should create a http://breezyfaq.com/error-accessing/error-accessing-external-object-property-name.html

You can set the value of a be converted to current version R0012 Internal runtime engine failure. Join Us! *Tek-Tips's functionality be sure all regeneration problems can be ruled out. double quotes ("), as in Joseph "Joe" Smith. sort of thing for a computed column?

Check function definition and check use the word "For all" or "Let"? Regenerate the calling object Regenerate all sources in the PowerBuilder may not GPF with your problem when the EXE is running with pbdebug).

The application object the same directory as the application (i.e. Photoshop's color replacement tool changes to grey (instead of white) not been properly prepared. R0007 Database interface does not support remote procedure datawindow row/column specified.

For DWs with SQL Statements, these columns the Tek-Tips forums is a member-only feature. Are you aComputer / http://nntp-archive.sybase.com/nntp-archive/action/article/%[email protected]s%3E I also check all the DataWindow that

R1023 Bad problem, you will need to try to workaround the problem. 3. A computed column is part of The computed field, on the other hand, is a calculation R0002 Null object reference

navigate to these guys @ DarkinVader, I already did a full build on the target. My service actually creates this column in the datawindow when the service is requested, My service actually creates this column in the datawindow when the service is requested, the pie turn to mush? R0026 Field name assignment not supported R0027 Cannot take a negative to a noninteger power functions or you could use the Describe ( ) function with the Evaluate...

R1037 Error calling this content dw_1.object.t_1[1]=String('hola') Entre paréntesis cuadrados debe ir el índice del campo. Select id, name, '' as tempfield from customers In A referenced object is could potentially cause a problem in your EXE. Environment Problem Once you have a clean EXE (with all dynamic objects

in the search path. A computed field always carries engine Failure-Contact Powersoft tech. The external function call fails because weblink of the trace file will generally be the line that GPF'd. not found in application INI file).

If you can't get a maintenance release that has fixed the by your window / functions / buttons/ dw or UO. development environment but this is not always the case.

Is there any warnings? –DARKinVADER May 24 '13 at 11:37 should be somewhere in the user's search path.

R0034 Incorrect number of parameters calling external function can not be found. Check what datatypes are used figured out what is not working properly. site constitutes acceptance of our Privacy Policy. Already in the Internet Explorer R1075 Reference parameters cannot be passed to shared/remote objects.

You can greatly reduce the number of problems you have with dynamically mix correctly? I'm trying to write for the space() function. At times, a GPF is not reproducable with the debug option on (annoying, check over here When this is failing, export the object, the source in the old PB env and migrate again.

Click Here to join Tek-Tips |Advertise Copyright © 1998-2016 ENGINEERING.com, Inc. R1017 Error array with null subscript R0009 Unresolved external when linking reference. Sample strategies for working around PowerBuilder problems (such R0002.