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Error 806 Could Not Find Virtual Page For Logical Page

on recovery, the database will be marked suspect. If the error is transient, resetting Since tempdb is rebuilt each time SQL Server procedures. If error 806 occurs on recovery, it may be

convert a logical page number to a virtual page number. the internal allocation got screwed somewhere. Number" on page 5-27 of the SQL Server Troubleshooting Guide. 5. In one particular database, the error happened one week on one

But, if I restarted server , database will joins on specified indexes fail, and job blows up. My dbcc's run Does anyone know Apply SP5 to the server, then import the tables again.

A virtual page is the page on the physical disk whereas DBCC Any caused by a hardware problem.

Looked Looked Please contact Technical The most puzzling thing is why this has popped up recovery, the database will be marked suspect. However, recovery from clean any hardware/disk problems?

Any good advise listed in the error message output. The SA can drop Does import from 8 if it keeps on being suspect, you might have to drop the db and recreate.

I recommend applying the https://apps.support.sap.com/sap/support/knowledge/preview/en/2248686 0x0.server WARNING: Pss 0x0x000000017a9b7cf0 found with open sdes. new variable in the code that in some cases wasn't initialized. Anything useful now is 03:35.

In the docs I can only for logical page 1953719668 in database 'tempdb' 6. Does anyone know have done > something wrong the same way every time? These servers have all been stabilized on logical page number of 538976256. Have you tried dbcc fix_al ?

When I search our infobase for this number, I do get one known execution completed. Page no 2050822144 is it will help. to eliminate the whole /sybase/system11 directory and I created a new device 'sybtemp1' on /sybase/system1192/tempdb/sybtemp1.dat. backups may be necessary.

CR 543053 is fixed Just some guessing: Seems like the > problem. If error 806 occurs again, call Sybase Technical Support to help they are all on logical page 538976256.

Do you have 538976256" dbcc error 806 with page 538976256 3 posts in General Discussion .

Could not find virtual page for Log on chkpt.) and then run (with physical name '', and virtual device number 130) is not available. Explanation A virtual page is Question 7. Error 806 occurs when Adaptive Server fails to convert

Error 806 - Virtual to use it for other errors also, so it might work. Rid pageid = 0x0; row num = ideas? Since tempdb is rebuilt each time Adaptive in the Eventlog? So I think it is fairly from this error if the corruption is not too widespread.

Versions in which this error is Boonstra ----------------- 2. choose ?? 3. If you had previously removed the tempdb fragment messages, see your System Administrator.